Healing through reconnection to ourselves.

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What we teach

What is 'Amatania'?

Amatania - Reiki and Seichiem training and consultations

Amatania means 'Reiki from a book'.

The Amatania series and training is based in ancient healing knowledge

of the two major healing energies of the Earth, Reiki and Seichiem.  These energies are found in two Earth elements, Fire and Water.

Reiki is known as 'the great fire energy of the Earth', it is a Yang energy, whilst Seichiem is known as 'the gentle water energy of the Earth' and is a Yin energy.

Both energies are found throughout the Earth and are within our own energies systems assisting us to self-heal.

Exclusive to EMC2

Book cover - Level 1 - Universal (Lithemic) Reiki - Indigenous Earth Medicines

Amatania training is exclusive to EMC2 and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

What you can learn

Extensive knowledge of the  energy system of the body including, chakra sets, internal and external energy lines and fields; how energy healing works within these systems and much more...check out the Reiki poster gallery for more information.