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Healing circle - Listening to the needs of your body, soul and spirit

Healing Circle

What is a healing circle?

A healing circle is an ancient tradition of many cultures that provides a safe place to seek healing andnd support the healing of other family, friends and participants.  

Earth Medicine and Cultural Connection (EMC2) will be holding a series of free healing circles to support the healing of the community of Muswellbrook and the Upper Hunter.  Further to this, healing circles are run on the evening before any course commences for students and community alike.

The healing circle is open to both men and women of all ages, all beliefs and all needs who have an interest in understanding the need for connection to their unique culture and the role this plays in defining their identity to heal themselves and future generations  It is an opportunity to learn and to share knowledge, skills or just your presence. 

The first healing circle was held under the trees at the back of Wanaruah LALC, 19 Maitland Street, Muswellbrook on the 20th September commencing at 11am.


Future healing circles and events will be posted here over the coming months including training courses in Universal Reiki and Seichiem, gatherings of healers and book launches. 

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A healing circle is an ancient tradition of many cultures providing a safe place to seek and support healing of each other. 

Join us at a healing circle free of charge.

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