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Who we are

About Kate...

Born in the small, rural township of Muswellbrook in the Hunter Valley, Kate is the descendant of two powerful healing cultures. Carrying the knowledge of both the connection to land through her Aboriginal heritage of her grandfather, the Welsh Magic of her  grandmother and the Gaelic and Celtic of her great grandmother, Kate has been entrusted with a gift of knowledge and healing unique to the world that has culminated in the development and teaching of Reiki and Seichiem in the Amatania series. 

Combining knowledge of the first two healing energies of the Earth , Seichiem and Reiki, with the power of natural healing and ongoing shamanic training of her Masters, Kate shares her teachings of this gentle, yet powerful, healing modality, a modality that can be learnt and practiced by anyone.

Kate's unique understanding brings new insight into the workings of our body, mind, spirit, soul; the effect we have on the world around us, our environment; and our responsibility to ourselves, other lifeforms, the land and the Earth. 

Further to this knowledge, Kate teaches people how to strive towards good health and bring about self-healing by working with these energies in a simple, practical, way. Quite often we are taught healing practices and rituals with little knowledge of how healing takes place or what to do next when there is change. Kate works to give understanding of what is occurring and how we can contribute to the healing process actively and consciously, to bring both confidence in our innate ability to 'know' what we need and to empower ourselves to undertake the journey of healing.

Kate has qualifications in kinesiology, hypnotherapy, is a Master of Usui Reiki, Grand Master of Universal Reiki (with both attunements (initiations) and knowledge given by Spirit), a Master of Seichiem and practices as a traditional healer of ancient knowledge and cultures giving knowledge to others on how to heal themselves.

Why we do what we do

As the founder of EMC2, Kate is qualified in several alternate and complementary medicines; a natural health practitioner, course designer and facilitator, she is also trained in Aboriginal mental health first aid and is experienced in working with a variety of symptoms of dis-eases of the body and mind. Her focus is to give understanding of the body’s energetic state to enhance healing and promote good health, a right of all people. 

The power of culture and connection is well understood by Kate who was born in Muswellbrook in a generation where Aboriginality was denied by the older members of her family to protect their children, but which meant that she did not have the opportunity to know her culture or understand who she was and where she fitted into her family, her community and generally within this world. The effects of this are still seen down through the generations of her family as is the case of many families. 

Kate’s own healing has come through experiencing and understanding the suffering of communities and individuals affected by a lack of culture and identity and created by the loss of sacred knowledge and connection. When we begin to understand our loss and seek this knowledge that has been handed down genetically, and is held within our souls, our healing begins.

Combined with the knowledge of the Earth’s traditional healing energies, created at the beginning of time, we have the opportunity to heal mind, body, soul and spirit for ourselves and the generations to come. These teachings are reflected throughout the Amatania series with knowledge gifted from many ancestors, including those of Aboriginal, Druid and Celtic cultures, and other beings of Spirit giving guidance and enhancing all work with their presence.

Picture:  Coolamon in tree trunk by artist  Myangah (Sea Eagle) Pirate.  See other art pieces by Pirate by clicking on the photo.